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The DivasandWildflowers.org (D&W) was created to help encourage and inspire positive communication and relationships between women struggling with addiction, depression, hardships and adversity in life along with the women in their lives who support them in their struggle.  Founder of DivasandWildflowers.org Brandylynn is an up and coming starlet co - starring in the TVONE hit series R&B DIVAS. Brandylynn, a self proclaimed “Wildflower”, is the daughter of R&B Divas Creator and Executive Producer Nicci Gilbert- Daniels and she has experienced her own personal struggles with identity, low self-esteem, and abandonment. Brandy’s Wildflower Mantra is “We are wildflowers. We can adapt, grow, flourish and be beautiful in any environment.”

Nicci (The Diva) and Brandylynn (The Wildflower) love to bond, share stories & heal during “Mother-Daughter Getaways”. Together they believe that by offering women in crisis simple alternatives such as weekend getaways, makeovers, moments to breathe & share ‘Sisterhood’ and reveal their ‘Inner Diva’ … they can help improve self-esteem & self image , all while providing a platform for sharing and emotional healing.


DivasandWildflowers.org in conjunction with TVONE’s R&B Divas, BTG (Beyond The Game) & Ms Future Vision Teen Pageant will present a “Loving Me” Weekend in honor of health, wellness and sisterhood.            


The First Annual Fundraising project will be the DivasandWildflowers Weekend.

DivasandWildflowers.org will maintain a solid online presence that will provide health and wellness tips for women, children, and young adults. D&W will maintain partnerships with professionals who can assist subscribers who may suffer from depression, anxiety, and/or physical &emotional abuse. The goal is to use resources in mainstream media including doctors, counselors, and motivational speakers who will promote anti-drug campaigns, and self-esteem & empowerment exercises.

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